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Monday, 20 January 2020
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Quality policy

Throughout its more than 100-year history, Gustav Heess GmbH has consistently strived to establish long-term business relationships with its customers – relationships based on trust and cooperation. We know that such a goal can only be achieved if our customers are satisfied, which is why our quality policy is such an integral and important part of our business approach. In line with this philosophy, we continually work to make our processes safe, verifiable, and transparent.

Milestones here include our company’s certification in accordance with the DIN ISO 9000 standard (since 1995), and the initial accreditation of our quality control lab since 2005.

Our official corporate policy now also includes incorporating all processes within the value chain into our Quality Management system. It all starts with raw materials, continues through the monitoring of production and storage, and extends all the way to logistics processes. We also regularly audit key suppliers and service providers and continually enhance our own employees’ qualifications through training and further education.

For us, quality also means:

  • ensuring comprehensive documentation of production batches
  • undergoing periodic audits
  • continually assessing ourselves through ongoing participation in nutural round-robin tests
  • offering customers expert and professional product consulting

and continually investing in the improvement of our infrastructure, which we proved by our new building in Leonberg three years ago.

For us, quality is an executive priority – which is why Gustav Heess GmbH’s Quality Management System is directly overseen by the company’s executive management team.

Leonberg, November 13th, 2017

Alexander Zastrow, Boris Zastrow, Andrea Schwarzwälder



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