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Saturday, 22 February 2020
Jojoba oil
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Jojoba oil (synonym: liquid jojoba wax) is obtained from the ripe seed of the jojoba bush (Simmondsia chinensis) by means of cold-pressing and filtration (cold-pressed jojoba oil). Mechanically pressed oil can then be refined (refined jojoba oil).

The evergreen, drought-resistant jojoba bush grows to a height of between 50 cm and 6 m and has a lifespan of = 200 years. It grows in the wild in south-western parts of the USA (California, Arizona) and in north-western Mexico (Sonora, Baja California). Attempts have been made at cultivating the bush in South America, Egypt, Israel, southern Africa and Australia but, outside the region of origin, it has only been cultivated successfully in Israel and Argentina. Jojoba fruit gathered from wild bushes also ranks as having some importance alongside fruit harvested from plantations.

It was Johann Link who first described the bush as Buxus chinensis in 1822. In 1844, Thomas Nuttall changed this name to Simmondsia californica and thus it remained until 1912, when it was changed to its present-day name of Simmondsia chinensis by Australia botanist, Camillo Karl Schneider. The plant acquired the name 'Jojoba' from the Indian word 'jojowi'.

There is a 50-60% oil content in the ripe, roughly olive-sized seeds, which are harvested manually by collecting brown capsules that have fallen from the bush. The clear, bright yellow oil (cold-pressed product) gives off a characteristic smell, whereas the refined product is a clear, water-white, virtually odourless liquid. These two oils, neither of which has the chemical composition of a triglyceride mixture, but that of a liquid wax (consisting of long-chain C18-C22 esters of plain unsaturated fatty acids), set to a lightweight, granular soft mass at a temperature of below 10°C. Nowadays, the oil is used in the cosmetics industry, for hair-care products (shampoos, hair tonic), for skin-care products (moisturising creams, facial cleansing agents, body and shaving lotions), in sunscreens, in nail care products and in make-up products (lipsticks and make-up pencils, eye-liners), in bath-oils and in soaps. In Medicine, it is used for its bacteriostatic properties.

The chemical industry uses oil that has undergone further processing for products such as wax polishes or lubricants, wherever the price is not too high to justify this. The product has yet to be used as an 'edible oil' in reducing diets (for want of the enzymes required for digestion).

Usually, the jojoba oil offered for sale by GUSTAV HEESS comes from Mexico/Arizona or Argentina. We supply cold- pressed, golden yellow product, also a refined grade.

INCI Name: Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil


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