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Friday, 21 February 2020
Hemp oil
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Hemp is one of the oldiest economic plants. Originally Hemp was native to central Asia, over the years has spread worldwide and is located in temperate and tropicale zones.

Hemp Oil has a centuries-old tradition as wood preservative and as basis for paints, inks and wax crayons. Nowadays it is also used in cosmetics and food industries.

For oil pressing the variety Cannabis sativa var. sativa with low THC content without intoxcation effect is used. The seeds have a fat content of 30-35%. Seeds are being mashed and than gently pressed. The green up to  brownish oil contains 45-65% linoleic and 14-30% linolenic acids.

In cosmetic products fatty acides impede an excessive transepidermal water loss and have protecting properties to the skin. Linoleic acid makes part of Ceramid I which is the most important skin’s barrier component.

As food ingredient Hemp oil was once a most used oil along with Rapeseed oil and Linseed oil in Germany. The oil is reach in essential, unsaturated fatty acids necessary for growth, maintenance of cell membranes. Its nutty aromatic taste enhances hot as well as cold dishes.





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