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Friday, 28 February 2020
Own Production
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In 1998, the entrepreneur Joseph S. Collins established a company known as Caloy in Riverbank, California, in the heart of the state’s great Central Valley. Collins’ company started out by processing almonds and walnuts into specialty oils for the cosmetic and food industries.

The Central Valley is home to what is by far the world’s largest cultivation area for almonds and walnuts, with 85% of all such nuts originating from the region.

Caloy quickly became California’s leading manufacturer of walnut and almond oil, exporting most of its production to Europe, where the oils were refined and marketed by the Gustav Heess Group.

Then, in 2005, this faithful supplier-customer relationship was transformed into a strategic partnership when Joseph S. Collins and the Gustav Heess Group jointly established Caloy LLC as equal partners. A large new site was purchased in Denair, California, and oil-processing facilities were further expanded. Today, Caloy LLC operates a manufacturing site with an area of more than 25,000 square meters – and is also the world’s largest and most important producer of walnut and almond oil.


The strategic partnership with Caloy was a logical step within the framework of the Gustav Heess Group’s sustainability strategy for the future. As a result, Heess is now a producer of almond and walnut oil and can thus guarantee its customers outstanding quality, right from the fields and through to production.