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Sunday, 22 July 2018
Market Report

Market Report July 2018
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General Oils and Fats complex

Soybean Oil


The escalation of the trade conflict between the USA and China is going to have considerable impact on the trade flows of soybean and other agrarian products. The Chinese government announced to impose an additional duty of 25 % on such US products after the US government had introduced punitive tariffs on several Chinese raw materials. Chinese importers and processors are trying to cover their demand solely from Brazil and other exporting countries in South America. Moreover, one expects that the rapeseed and rapeseed oil imports as well as the palm oil imports are going to increase. Nevertheless, the quantities are not going to be sufficient and China is going to be forced to purchase some of the US soybeans, especially for October – January. Currently, prices for soybean oil (and also for palm oil) are under pressure, which shows the good supply situation.

Sunflower Oil


Despite the drought in Russia and the Ukraine record harvests are expected. If the weather conditions are not going to worsen, the premium on sunflower and soybean oil is expected to decrease. The premium has been increasing in the last weeks due to the lower production in Russia and Ukraine. The premiums for high oleic sunflower oil which are currently paid for seed of the former harvest are decreasing for the positions of the new harvest for deliveries by end of October. More price corrections are expected.

Rapeseed Oil


The crop expectations are still rather unsure after Europe and Canada had suffered from dry weather. Market participants are still expecting a satisfactory harvest, which will increase the production. The precipitations of the recent days are supporting this trend, too. However, it remains to be seen to what extent China is going to reduce their rapeseed and rapeseed oil stocks during the trade conflict. The price level for rapeseed oil is currently supported by the higher demand of the biodiesel sector, since biodiesel is more attractive as mineral oil became more expensive. A higher Chinese import of rapeseed and rapeseed oil is expected. Eventually, this would mean that rapeseed oil prices may not get under pressure in future either.

Key products from the GUSTAV HEESS production in the USA

Almond Oil

This year’s crop on the orchards looks very promising and 2.5 billion lbs should be attainable. Harvest is expected to start around week 34.


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