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Monday, 18 December 2017
Market Report

Market Report December 2017
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General Oils and Fats complex

Soybean Oil

The weather conditions in South America are still unfavorable for the coming soybean crop. At the moment we can observe a typical La Nina condition. The drought has a negative effect on the soya plants. Therefore, precipitation is essential in the next weeks. The strong US exports as well as the firm Euro exchange rate have led to weaker soybean oil prices in the last week of November. However, they are currently recovering due to the firmer US Dollar again.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is currently attractive in terms of pricing. Exact figures from the Ukrainian and Russian harvest are still not available. Specialists estimate that there are still around 25 % of the Russian crop remaining on the fields.

Rapeseed Oil

The rapeseed oil prices have continued their downward trend, since the supply in Europe is very comfortable. The Australian rapeseed crop is expected to have higher yields per hectare, too. These interesting prices have caused demand on the market, especially customers of the food industry were purchasing for latter positions, which were favourable.

Olive Oil


Prices are still firm. The Spanish crop has still not started completely. The weather is still dry and warm and the required rain falls are missing. Thus, the cooperatives are still very reluctant in terms of sales and on the other hand several food store chains are trying to cover their demand for 2018.

Castor Oil

Due to short positions in futures some traders had to buy before closing of the market. Arrivals have come down to about 10.000 bags per day. This led to a price increase up to 4% in November.

Sesame Oil

The sesame crops from both Mexico and different regions of Africa are delayed. Therefore, the higher demand from China is leading to higher prices. However, one expects lower prices for spring, which probably may not reach the favourable level of the prevous year.

Avocado Oil


Avocado oil is still scarce and expensive. The quantities of the former crop from Africa are limited. The last shipments are expected until February. Quantities of the coming crop are only expected to be available by September again. In Mexico, which is the most important cultivation country for avocados the demand is tremendous. The so called “superfood” avocado is very popular. The main cultivating area Michoacan is exporting approx. 1 million tons all over the world. The demand for avocados has increased considerably. One can find in the supermarkets of Costco or also at Walmart in the USA more and more avocado oils as specialties. This is leading to higher prices and limited availabilities. Nevertheless, there are very cheap blends available on the market, which are especially offered to consumers at the cosmetic industry. These can easily be exposed as blends by analyzing them, since they mainly contain sunflower or safflower oil.

Key products from the GUSTAV HEESS production in the USA

Almond Oil

Demand of almonds has increased for both in the US and for the export. Demand from China is expected to increase as well after Chinese New Year is over. For now, the prices remain steady.

Walnut Oil

The Walnut crop is down at least 10-12% compared to last year. Quality is excellent and yield is good. Prices remain steady.

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